Academy Expectations

The pupils and staff at The Parks are proud of our academy. We have high standards and high expectations of everybody who is a part of it. Children are at the heart of everything we do and our ethos is based on hard work, care and nurture in a safe, secure, stimulating and exciting learning environment. Our ethos is firmly rooted in traditional British values.


What we expect of our pupils 

We expect all our learners to work hard, try their very best and respect each other, the adults and their academy. 


What we expect of our staff

To maintain a safe and secure environment for pupils. To work hard and try their very best in their part of the delivery of a high quality, stimulating and exciting curriculum, fit for the twenty first century. 

Pupils should leave the academy as happy, confident, knowledgeable learners ready for Secondary education.

Staff treat every pupil with care and respect. They treat all adults, including parents and carers, with respect and in a professional manner.


What we expect of our parents and carers

To work with the school in partnership to provide the best possible outcomes for their children.

To speak to members of staff with respect and in a professional manner.

To ensure their children come to school every day and on time in full school uniform. To assist with homework, spellings and reading.