Awards and Rewards


Our behaviour system is based on the traffic light system and we call it Good to be Green! Around the academy are posters that tell pupils what green behaviour looks like. These change as the location changes. For example, on the corridors it says that green behaviour is walking sensibly. In the classroom it says that green behaviour is working hard, listening to others and following instructions. Good to be Green is for everybody, from our youngest Foundation Stage pupils to our oldest Y6!

Inside the classrooms are traffic lights. If a pupil's behaviour is not green, their name is placed in amber, or even red. The teacher will always say to that pupil "To be green you need to...." 

Every adult in every classroom uses Good to be Green. There is consistency right across the academy so all pupils know what green behaviour looks like.


Each term we recognise pupils who are always the shining stars of the academy. We call these pupils Leading Learners. We invite parents/carers to to a special assembly to celebrate their success.

  • Leading Learners must;
  • Have 97% attendance
  • Be always punctual
  • Be evergreen (our word for always showing green behaviour)
  • Always work hard and try their best in all lessons
  • Read regularly at home
  • Regularly complete homework
  • Leading Learners proudly wear star badges on their uniform.


Leading Learners have golden brown badges for the autumn term, green badges for spring term, and yellow badges for summer term.






Leading Learners for F1 and F2

  • I am keen to join in with everything
  • I play sensibly with everybody
  • I do my best learning at all times  
  • I show green behaviour all the time
  • My parents/carers do everything they so I can come to school every day and on time.

Attendance and punctuality

At the academy we promote excellent attendance and punctuality.


Every week we have an attendance and punctuality assembly. The Class with the highest attendance get stickers and a trophy to keep for the week. Also, the class with the fewest lates get a sticker each and a trophy to keep for the week.

Sometimes a class wins both!

Each term we celebrate those pupils with 100% attendance. They each receive a badge and a certificate. Some pupils are 100% attenders and Leading Learners, like the girls above!


The class with the best yearly attendance wins a special prize, as does the class with the fewest lates. The prize depends on the age of the pupils and what they want to do!


Merit assemblies

Every Friday we celebrate those learners who have been shining stars that week. We invite parents and carers to celebrate their successes at this assembly. They come to the front and receive a special certificate and sticker.








Pupil Points System

The Points system is a reward to encourage our children to be consistently green.

Daily Points

The points are earned daily for the following things:

- Bringing their reading book, any homework and P.E. kit (on the days they need it.)

- Wearing full uniform.

- Green behaviour in a lesson.

- Green behaviour at break time and dinner time.


Each day, it is possible for the children to earn up to 18 points for these things.


Please note: teachers will put these points on the system. They can choose to enter the points daily or store them up and put all the points on at the end of a working week.

Extra Points

On top of the daily points, children can earn themselves extra points through outstanding contributions to our Academy from their class teacher or any other adult. These will be put on the system at the end of the week.

Job Points

Many children have jobs within their classroom or around the Academy. They can earn up to 5 points a day (25 a week) which will be on the system at the end of the week.


If you have any questions or queries about the points, please see Mr. Lowthorpe or Ms Sargieson (Year 3/4).