British Values

Young People's Parliament trip

Heads and Deputies next to King Edward I, who granted Hull's first charter in 1299






This October, our Heads and Deputies visited The Guildhall (HQ for Hull City Council) for Hull's termly Young People's Parliament event. They joined groups from primaries across the city in debating ideas and making decisions which will shape our city. These decisions will go forward and will be discussed at city council level. Pupils began by understanding the role of a local councillor, including an activity about how to spend public money! They then debated (in the council chamber) issues which affected them, such as what to do about criminal damage to our parks and play spaces. As ever, our pupils represented the academy magnificently and made sure the children of The Parks and Orchard Park were represented.


















British Values Week

What a fantastic week!

Throughout the week of learning the children developed an understanding of the Law, Democracy, Liberty, and Respect for others and those with different faiths and religious beliefs. The children took part in many activities ranging from question and answer sessions with the local PCSO, a poster competition saying what they thought was great about being British, held debates, speeches and voted on issues important to them and the Academy.

Here some of the girls discussing what they think is the best think about being British. The themes that were raised across school included feeling safe, health care, the police, education, choice (Liberty), and respect of others.




Competition winners. Here the children proudly show their wining entries from the 'what is great about being British?' poster competition.









Our local PSCO answered questions from each year group. She even had to come back for a second day, such was the enthusiasm and interest from the children. She just didn't have time to answer all their questions in one day! This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of a PSCO's role in society and how the law protects us and keeps us safe. Some of the children even got the chance to try on the PCSO hat and jacket!


The week was topped off with a British Values assembly. With the general election being held in the same week, the children really showed off their knowledge of Democracy. It was amazing to see such a grasp of politics and society in Britain and other countries.