What does Reading look like within our Academy?


In Foundation Stage, pupils are introduced to reading through Phonics. This teaches the children to read quickly and skilfully. Phonics teaching follows a simple process:

-          First recognising the sound each letter makes.

-          Next identify the sounds a combination of letters makes.

-          Finally blend these letter sounds from left to right to make a word.

There are lots of activities you can do at home with your child to help with early reading and writing. For some ideas please see our leaflets below.

For more information on phonics please visit the DfE website.


From Y1 onwards, pupils continue to develop their reading skills through carefully planned and purposeful activities in a daily reading session. This is taught on a cycle which includes:

-          Pre reading activities.

-          A guided read session with the teacher.

-          A follow up activity.

-          Other comprehension or text based activities.

The level of text accessed in these sessions is called ‘instructional.’ This means it is just above the level your child is fluent at reading.


The academy uses Oxford Reading scheme books when reading at school. These are book banded according to the curriculum and include fiction and non fiction texts.

We follow Letter and Sounds to teach phonics and pupils work through phases 1-5. Pupils are tested in phonics in Year 1 and for those whom need to be retested, this is done in Year 2.


Home Readers

The Academy follows the Oxford Reading Tree book scheme. Pupils are given a reading book to take home each night and return to school every morning. Parents are expected to listen to their child read and sign the log. Pupils receive rewards points for reading and bringing their book each day. The home reading book level is the level your child is comfortable with. This is intended to improve your child’s fluency and expression when reading.


How can I help my child read at home?

This is a fantastic question and we value all parents who are keen to help their child wherever they can. We are soon to run parent/teacher workshops to support parents with this however if you can’t wait Oxford Reading Tree have their own website with handy tips for parents at all ages.