Views of our Academy

Please look at the results ftom our September/October 2016 questionnaire, which is now completed as Parent View. Please copy and paste the address below into your browser.

If you have not done so already this year, please complete a survey using Ofsted's Parent View.

The last paper copy of parents'/carers' questionnaire was completed in November 2015. Please click on the tab for these results.


Some examples of their views of what was going well:


The academy is "listening to concerns and acting on them."

"I have a child in Foundation. The teachers are 100% committed and my child loves school and is doing very well."

"My child's progress is coming along very well."

"My daughter looks forward to school every day."

"We feel the new behaviour scheme works very well. We even encourage it at home."


Some examples previously of how parents/carers felt we could improve, and what we’ve done:


"Different types of sport after school for girls as well as boys."

We now offer a range of clubs after school, as well as different sports clubs. We have acting class, craft club, SATs café, netball, football and multi-sports.

Mrs Lydon now leads PE. We enter lots of after school sporting competitions including, tag rugby, dodgeball, athletics and even swimming.


"The big children could mix with the little children more."

We couldn’t agree more! All playtimes and lunchtimes are now at the same time and all pupils play together. They even eat together at lunchtimes.


"Be more firm with the children."

We are very proud of our Good to be Green policy. This is one of our strengths. Part of this is setting very high expectations for our pupils. We use green language every day to encourage pupils to choose green behaviour, so we don’t need to be firm very often. However, when we are, sanctions are fair and appropriate.


"More teachers could be available on the playground."

All teachers are available at the end of the day when they see their pupils out. Parents and teachers share concerns and celebrations with parents. Also, Mr Irving and/or Mr Yeomans is on the yard nearly every day, before and after school. Also, Mr Lowthorpe, our behaviour and attendance officer, is on the yard before and after school.