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  • We are now on Youtube

    18th September 2016

    Search for us 'The Parks Primary Academy' come and check out our videos!

  • Proud of Poppy!

    15th September 2016

    At The Parks we are super proud of Poppy this weekend who has worked her socks off and has secured a place at the Humberside Development Academy of Netball! Well done to Poppy and a job well done to everyone who has helped and supported Poppy to achieve this goal!

  • Charity

    22nd July 2016

    This year the academy has raised over £1000 for charity. We have chosen Hull Children’s University, Breathe for Cameron and British Heart Foundation! What a fantastic achievement!

  • Transition

    22nd July 2016

    This week the academy had two transition days. This included our new starters. We are so excited about next year already when we will continue our academy school improvements.

  • Topic in Year 3

    22nd July 2016

    Pupils topic in Y3 finished this week with pupils making fish with clay. Their topic page is brilliant and shows the pride pupils have in their work and how we're making topic so exciting.

  • Drama Morning

    22nd July 2016

    On Thursday Y3 had a drama morning with Northern Lights Drama. They had a great time exploring shape, movement, feeling and atmosphere.

  • F1 Graduation

    22nd July 2016

    After the success of Y6 graduation last week, it was the turn of F1 graduation this week. Our youngest collected a certificate and photo to commemorate the occasion. It was a lovely assembly and as ever, it was very well attended by our super parents.

  • End of year special assemblies

    21st July 2016

    Last Friday the academy held its inaugural awards assembly. We've been planning to do this in our second year of regeneration and, with the support and advice from our very strong Parent Voice, it was a fabulous event.

    We recognise the help of our leading pupils;
    Heads and Deputies
    Academy Council
    Lunchtime Monitors
    Play Leaders

    Our awards were
    Shining Star F1
    Shining Star F2
    Evergreen Pupil Y1-6
    Achievement Award Y1-6

    We are proud of our academy and we are proud of our pupils.

  • Sports Awards

    20th July 2016

    On Friday The Parks attended the end of year sports awards, hosted by our coaches. This year The Parks have undertaken more sport than ever. We have enrolled on more sporting competitions than ever, including many where pupils have not experienced it before. (eg cross country running)

  • The Prom

    14th July 2016

    What a fantastic prom! This was the best prom The Parks have ever had. It was the perfect way to end the day. There was VIP lounge, photo booth, a glitzy red carpet entrance and some fantastic food! We shared the many, many special moments on twitter.


  • Lunchtime Treat

    14th July 2016

    Y6 enjoyed a takeaway lunch on their treat day in the quadrant! Pizzas, chips and fizzy drinks! Delicious!

  • Garden Centre in F1 and F2

    13th July 2016

    Last Friday F2 opened their own garden centre as they finish their topic ‘Let it Grow’. Having started their topic with a visit to Colletta and Tyson, this was a perfect way to complete an outstanding term of learning experiences. Thank you so much for attending. We raised just under £200. As ever, thank you for your outstanding support.

  • Year 6 SATs results

    8th July 2016

    This week Y6 got their SATs results. Pupils did very, very well. We are very proud of their achievements.

    Next week the rewards continue for them!

  • Parents' Evening

    8th July 2016

    Once again there was a fantastic attendance of parents and carers for the end of year parents evening. Thank you for your continued support. As partners together we are continuing to create better outcomes for all our pupils.

  • Summer Fair

    4th July 2016

    On Friday we had our summer fair. We raised over £500 pounds. We love coming together for this community event, putting our proud academy at the heart of our community. Thank you to all our friends, parents/carers and families for your magnificent support again. As ever, it is appreciated.

    Please check out more pictures on our Celebrations page.

  • This week's newsletter is online!

    30th November -0001

    Go and have a look!