Curriculum Enrichment

We have a Personal Development Floorbook that is available at the front of school if you wish to see any of the wonderful things we do at The Parks. Below are just a few parts of our expansive offer.

Breakfast Club

At The Parks Academy, we offer a breakfast club. Places need through the school app.

Bikeability & Pre-Pedal

In year 5 and year 6, your child will take part in Bikeability. During these sessions, your child will become more skilled and confident in riding their bikes on the playground, on smaller roads and at simple junctions without too much traffic. This provides important life skills for the children. The training will be delivered by qualified Bikeability instructors. Once the time comes for your child to take part in these sessions, you will receive a letter with more information.

In EYFS, children have the opportunity to take part in pre-pedal activities. Children learn the early skills of riding a bike through the use of balance bikes. They learn safety within equipment and also stopping and starting safely. The training is also delivered by trained instructors and the balance bikes are provided.


During the school year, all children receive externally-provided music lessons.

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After school clubs

At The Parks, we offer a variety of extra-curricular activities. Please keep an eye on our school app for further details.

All of our clubs are free of charge and they run on 4-5 nights a week, depending on the term.

At the moment, we have over 15 different enrichment clubs available, all tailored to the children’s wants as they requested them.

Classroom Kitchen

Throughout school, your child will have opportunities to develop their cooking skills.

Y6 Residential

Each year, Y6 have the opportunity to visit Dallowgill. Environmental and Outdoor Education Centre – Dallowgill (

First Aid

Throughout the year, we promote First Aid. At the beginning of the year, we had a visit from Mini First Aid.

Voting for our Academy Councillors

As classes, we voted for our own Academy Councillors. We discussed the improvements we would like to make in our school and everyone had the chance to have their own vote.

Learning to Cross the Road

First Steps teach Y3 pedestrian skills.

Young Mental Health Day

To celebrate Young Mental Health Day, we had a visit from some different animals. We learnt that stroking and looking after animals is a good way to help destress and become calm.

Play in a Day

Year 5 went to Park Street Performing Arts centre to create a play in a day. Everyone had their own roles from painting the backdrops, lighting, acting and singing.

Y5 – NAPA (Sirius North)

Year 5 went to our local high school with some of the other children from schools in our network. We completed a variety of performances linked to performing arts and performed them for each other.

Author Visits

A real author came into our Academy—Grandad Wheels! We enjoyed a whole school assembly from Brian and then each had our own workshop with him.

Remembrance Day


Children in Need